The BEST Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe (Prepped In Just 10 Minutes)

Barbacoa and guacamole with diced tomatoes on top in a bowl that is filled with rice.

This copycat Chipotle barbacoa recipe is so, so good. It combines tender shredded beef with garlic, cumin, adobo sauce, ancho chili powder, and just a few other ingredients to make a dish that's to die for. Plus, it's so easy to make. In fact, this homemade Chipotle barbacoa recipe takes just 10 minutes of prep work to get it going, then your slow cooker will take care of the rest!



Barbacoa marinade:

1 tsp garlic paste

1 tbsp adobo sauce

1 tbsp ancho chile powder

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp dried oregano

Salt and pepper, to taste


2 lb. boneless beef chuck

Salt and pepper, to taste

1 cup water

1-2 small bay leaves

1 tbsp olive oil

Serving Ideas:

Lime cilantro rice

Chili peppers

Lime juice

Fresh cilantro



  1. Make the marinade: combine all ingredients in a bowl. If you are using garlic cloves, blend the marinade in a food processor. If needed, add some water until you have a smooth marinade. Season it to taste.
  2. Season beef with salt and pepper.
  3. Heat oil in a skillet. 
  4. Add beef and cook until browned on all sides, for 10 minutes.
  5. Transfer the beef to a slow cooker and top it with the prepared marinade. 
  6. Add bay leaves and water. Cover and cook on the HIGH setting for 4-6 hours or on the LOW setting for 8-10 hours.
  7. Once the beef is cooked, remove it from the slow cooker and shred it with two forks.
  8. Serve as desired.


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