Deep-Fried Salmon Recipe

Three pieces of breaded deep fried salmon on a plate.

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This deep fried salmon recipe is sure to make everyone at the table happy. It's crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside, and filled with flavor in every bite. This deep fried salmon really is the ultimate healthy and delicious meal that's incredibly quick and easy to make too!



6 salmon filets, or to taste

1 ½ cups cornmeal

½ cup all-purpose flour

1 tbsp.  salt

1 tsp.  lemon pepper

1 tsp. white pepper

3 eggs

4 lemon wedges

vegetable oil for frying


  1. Preheat the oil in a deep pot to 350°F (180ºC), or medium high (you may know it’s ready when you throw inside a piece of bread and it floats and bubbles, it shouldn’t sink or burn too fast).
  2. Mix cornmeal, flour, salt, lemon pepper and white pepper.
  3. Break the eggs in a bowl and mix them.
  4. Place the flour in another bowl.
  5. Cut the fillets in thick stripes, and dip each in the flour, then in the eggs and lastly in the cornmeal mix.
  6. Fry each one until golden brown on each side.
  7. Serve with lemon.


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